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Market Perspectives

Jeff James - Citywire Manager Profile

US Smaller Cap Commentary: The Future of Gaming
October 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: XBI is Having Another Banner Year
September 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Put the Cash in the Trash
August 2017

EM Commentary: The Tale of Two Markets
July 2017

2Q 2017 Outlook, "The Hanging Curve"

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Retail Evolution: Survival of the Fittest
July 2017

EM Commentary: Emerging tech: Augmenting reality and opportunities
June 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: A Framework for Identifying Tangential Opportunities Created by M&A in Medical Devices
June 2017

Is My Fear Gauge On the Fritz
May 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Growing Importance of Machine Vision Systems in Industrial Automation
May 2017

Driehaus Q1 Micro Webcast

Driehaus Q1 EM Webcast

EM Commentary: Mexico: Trumped Up Risks
March 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Bank Margins: Moving on up?
April 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Industry Positioning in Health Care
March 2017

EM Commentary: From Russia with Love for Orthodox Policy
March 2017

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Getting a Charge out of Lithium
February 2017

US Micro Cap Market Review and Outlook
January 2017

EM Commentary: A Welcome Trend Change for Emerging Markets
January 2017

Driehaus Q4 EM Webcast

US Smaller Cap Commentary: Beneficiaries of OPEC’s Production Cuts
January 2017

EM Commentary: The Revolutionary Automotive Megatrends
January 2017

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Investment Research

The Metamorphosis of Emerging Markets

Counting Cards in Biotech

Analysis of Proposed Sale of Carmike Cinemas to AMC Entertainment Holdings

The Evolving Emerging Markets Opportunity Set

Event-Driven Activity Is Booming, but the Rules of the Game Have Changed