Driehaus Capital Management LLC manages investment strategies that invest in both U.S. and non-U.S. growth equities. The minimum account size for separate accounts in the Driehaus growth style investment strategies ranges from $1 to $20 million.


Strategy Strategy Type Composite
Assets as of 6/30/17
Minimum Separate Account Monthly
Growth Equities
Driehaus Micro Cap Growth Strategy U.S. $680mm $1M** 7/31/17
Driehaus Small Cap Growth Strategy U.S. $201mm $1M* 7/31/17
Driehaus Small/Mid Cap Growth Strategy U.S. $133mm $1M* 7/31/17
Driehaus International Small Cap Growth Strategy Non-U.S. $942mm $20M** 7/31/17
Driehaus Frontier Markets Strategy Non-U.S. $79mm $20M 7/31/17
Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth Strategy Non-U.S. $2,825mm $20M** 7/31/17
Driehaus Active Income Fund*** U.S. $2,071mm $25,000 7/31/17
Driehaus Event Driven Fund*** Global $172mm $10,000 7/31/17
Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Growth Fund*** Non-U.S. $237mm $20M** 7/31/17
Driehaus Multi-Asset Growth Economies Fund*** Non-U.S. $24mm $10,000 7/31/17

*Please contact the Firm to discuss additional investment options, with lower minimums, for this Strategy.
**Strategies are available as separate accounts and mutual funds.
***Available as mutual fund only.